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The Tatman Group utilizes multiple association management software systems to meet our clients' needs.  These tools provide powerful platforms for event management, membership management, and an interactive interface, all of which provide useful reporting for our clients.  This technology also offers front-end management of our clients' websites, so that you can ensure that you have the most up-to-date information available to the public.

Backed by a staff of seven well-trained professionals with more than 50 years of combined government relations and association management experience, The Tatman Group is a full-service association management firm.  We have extensive experience and training in governance, membership management, special event planning, accounting, financial management, and overall association management.

With both our government relations and association management clients, we seek to establish solid, long-term relationships.  We work diligently to acquire a deeper understanding of the client's mission and needs.  We strive to be involved in a more meaningful and personal way so that we can perform at the highest levels.  


We're not just looking for a contract - we're seeking a relationship.



The Tatman Group provides a full range of association management to 14 trade and professional associations.  We tailor our services to meet the needs of each client, and we are committed to offering exceptional service.

The Tatman Group works with smaller associations with fewer than 20 members, as well as larger associations with over 2,000 members. Whatever the size of an association, there are fundamental aspects that must be in place to ensure success.  We work with our clients to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  We also work specifically with each client's leadership to develop a plan to build on the strengths and opportunities for the long-term success of the association. 

Board Support


Information is power when you serve on a board of directors.  Board members must have the tools needed to be effective and to lead in a meaningful way.  Because volunteer board leaders typically have their own professions to which they dedicate themselves, The Tatman Group works with them to provide the information they need to set and implement the policies of the association.  The Tatman Group works with officers to ensure that the association is operating at top efficiency.  We work to implement the long-term goals and objectives of the organization, provide timely and accurate data to leaders, and to ensure strong followthrough on policies set by the board.

Event Planning


Events are often a major source of revenue for associations.  Many associations depend on the revenue generated from their events to meet their yearly budget goals.  We know how important this is to most associations.  The Tatman Group plans and manages hundreds of events each year, including conventions, trade shows, continuing education programs, training certifications, membership meetings, and fundraising events in support of our clients' mission.  We have strong relationships with nearly every major in-state venue, and plan each event from start to finish, working with our clients to ensure the best opportunity for success.



Financial management is a critical function of any association.  Leaders are accountable to their members for the fiscal integrity of the organization. We believe that strong financial management is one of the most important aspects of governance.  We work with the board to set policies and procedures to ensure accountability and integrity.  We urge each association to hire their own CPA, who should be accountable to the board, to work closely with our own accounting department to keep costs down and to develop guidelines and procedures that meet the standards of the board. This element of control ensures that the association's board is protecting the interests of the individual members.



Membership is the lifeblood of every organization.  It is through our members that we are able to accomplish our mission and reach our goals. Associations are constantly challenged to grow membership and expand services.  In order to effectively run an association, you must have good data on your current members, as well as your potential members.

Membership data can help organizations better determine which programs and services are most important to your membership, creating a tremendous impact on the value of your organization.  The integrity of your membership data is essential to properly serve your members and your mission.

The Tatman Group utilizes powerful membership management technology in support of our clients.  We can work with current platforms and provide innovative solutions to help meet our clients' needs.  Web-based platforms provide a more interactive and intuitive collection of data, allowing your membership 24/7 365 access to your organization and its tools.  

The Tatman Group will work with you to utilize this management technology in support of:

- Membership recruitment

- Membership retention

- Membership application processing

- Membership management

- Membership support

- Membership communications

- Membership renewals

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